Visn. Hark. nac. agrar. univ., Ser. Biol., 2018, Issue 1 (43), с. 34-39


Т. О. Yastreb1, A. I. Kokorev1, E. N. Gavva1, Yu. Е. Kolupaev1, 2, А. P. Dmitriev3

1Dokuchaev Kharkiv National Agrarian University
(Kharkiv, Ukraine)
2Karazin Kharkiv National University
(Kharkiv, Ukraine)
3 Institute of Cell Biology and Genetic Engineering
of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
(Kyiv, Ukraine)

Effect of nitric oxide donors (sodium nitroprusside and sodium nitrite) on the state of stomata of Arabidopsis wild-type plants (Col-0), mutants defective in jasmonate signaling (jin1, coi1, jar1) and salicylate-deficient NahG transformants was studied. Treatment of rosette leaves epidermis by nitric oxide donors caused a decrease in stomata aperture size and an amount of open stomata in both wild-type plants and mutants defective in jasmonate signaling. NO donors-treated NahG transformants with a reduced salicylic acid have also showed a decrease in stomata aperture size. However, the number of open stomata in sodium nitrite-treated transformants was significantly less then that in plants of other genotypes. Possible cross-talks in between of signal mediators and plant hormones at regulation of the stomatal apparatus in plants of Arabidopsis are discussed.

Key words: Arabidopsis thaliana, mutants jin1, coi1, jar1, transformants NahG, stomata, nitric oxide (NO), jasmonic acid, jasmonate signaling, salicylic acid



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