Visn. Hark. nac. agrar. univ., Ser. Biol., 2017, Issue 2 (41), с. 48-57


O. S. Kapitanska, O. O. Stasik, G. A. Pryadkina, V. P. Oksem

Institute of Plant Physiology and Genetics
of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
(Kyiv, Ukraine)

In field experiments, the effects of combined use of a carbamide-ammonium mixture (CAM) and a complex of microelements chelated with carboxylic acids to feed the crop at the stage of stem elongation on photosynthetic apparatus development, the production process and the productivity of winter and spring wheat were studied. For comparison, we used a basal feeding (control), additional ammonium nitrate feeding and CAM top-dressing without micronutrients. It has been found that the use of CAM as nitrogen fertilizer together with a complex of microelements’ carboxylates promoted the formation of plants with more productive stems and better development of the photosynthetic apparatus. An increase in the chlorophyll content in leaves, an increase in the crops chlorophyll indexes at the flowering and milk-wax ripeness stages, as well as the chlorophyll crop potential, compared with the basal feeding and ammonium nitrate fertilizing were observed, however, differences between CAM top-dressing with and without trace elements were less pronounced and depended on the variety. The combined use of CAM with a complex of microelements increased the yield of both winter and spring wheat varieties in comparison with all treatments studied and, thereby, the efficiency of nitrogen use at CAM foliar top-dressing.

Key words: Triticum aestivum, winter and spring wheat, photosynthesis, carbamide-ammonium mixture, carboxylates of microelements, foliar top-dressing



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