Visn. Hark. nac. agrar. univ., Ser. Biol., 2017, Issue 2 (41), с. 6-31


Yu. V. Karpets1, Yu. E. Kolupaev1, 2

1V.V. Dokuchaev Kharkiv National Agrarian University
(Kharkiv, Ukraine)
2V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University
(Kharkiv, Ukraine)

In the review the literary and own data on the change of content of endogenous nitric oxide in plants at adaptation and influence of nitric oxide donors on resistance to abiotic stressors are analysed and generalized. The role of nitrate reductase, animals NO-synthase-like enzyme, and other euzymatic systems in the NO production in plant cells, and also the interaction of various pathways of nitric oxide synthesis is discussed. The role of calcium and reactive oxygen species (ROS) in the regulation of activity of NO-generating enzymes is analysed. The influence of nitric oxide on calcium homeostasis, and also on processes of generation and neutralization of ROS in plant cells is considered. The special attention is paid to the role of S-nitrosylation, nitration on tyrosine and nitrosylations of metals in the regulation of antioxidant enzymes activity. Data on functional interaction of NO with other signaling mediators at the transduction of stress phytohormones signals are provided. The conclusion about the central role of nitric oxide in the functioning of difficult signaling network in plant cells is made.

Key words: nitric oxide, nitrate reductase, animals NO-synthase-like enzyme, calcium, reactive oxygen species, signaling, antioxidant enzymes, plant adaptive responses



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